Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday 22 June

Today is a first here: I had a good day!

I know! I think I'm actually pretty excited about it.

The Rosco paint that we ordered finally came in, so the designer and I were really happy about that. The theatre somehow banked on an old old school overhead projector so we were able to project the images on the luan, so we finished super fast, and that made me happy.

I think what helped a lot is I was just painting all day. And everyone left me alone and I just went into my own little world; painting. It was nice.

Granted, I've never had to do a portrait that's 6' x 9' of a woman from the 30's with terrible rosatia and what looks like she still has her baby teeth, but its looking pretty good. The designer was happy with me, and when I was painting one and he was painting the other, our styles matched up pretty well. That makes me happy considering this man has like my age in years more experience then I do. He also knows one of my professors from SCAD--from "back in the day".

At the end of the day the TD comes in with the volleyball and asks if I want to play.


I didn't get to play the last time, but it was nice to play some volleyball again. I could still serve overhand and got a couple of digs and spikes. Played 5 games, won 3 out of 5. All in all it was a good game, good day, good night.

It's a nice feeling to actually be happy at this place.

I hope that means I'm not turning into a hippie....


Mark said...

Hey Beautiful. Just thought I would leave a comment here. You have not posted anything for a while. Maybe because you are finally planning on leaving that place. Anyway, hope this note finds you in a good mood. Smile!