Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday 13 June

The night before I drove up to the theatre I worked at last summer to meet up with a bunch of people who had returned for this summer. It was good, but I think for the most part it was a poor move on my part considering I didn't want to leave and had a feeling that that was probably going to be the best night of my summer. I digress....

So I get in the car and start to drive the 2 hours from Stockbridge to Vermont. The drive was really nice, things are really pretty up here which is cool. While driving through Vermont there were random life size moose sculptures everywhere. That was pretty awesome considering they were all painted with landscapes or with patterns or designs on them. Some stores had a family of mooses outside, some just had one. Overall that was great.

And then I lost my cellphone reception.

I was told that this area was pretty dodgy on the cellphone reception. I didn't realize that meant not having service within a 15 mile radius of where I was staying.

I got to the theatre, which is this fairly tiny space-they basically put two civil war barns together with a little extra and called it home. Very cool, yes. I was told to go first to the theatre and someone would be there to meet me to bring me to the house. Okay.

No one was there.

I walked around and found an open door and figured that would be my best shot. Of course it was the door to the scene shop. Score!

Thankfully the TD was in there and was able to show me where I needed to go. It was all good. As he was showing me around a blonde girl comes bolting towards him yelling his name informing him that hes taking her job from her and to let her do it.

This girl is conveniently my new roommate.

She's sweet, yes, but reminds me a lot of Elle Woods and is happy and chipper all the time. (I think it's something you get from being in Company Management)

She shows me around, I get totally lost with the tour, and she says that she'll come with me in my car up to where we are staying and help me get situated.

"Did you bring a hairdryer?" is quite literally the first non-work realted question she asks me. This is going to be fun.

We come up to the house, it's pretty awesome. Its about 200 years old and is just this old house with a bunch of rooms. It smells like a giant woodburning stove, but I'm down with that, no biggie. We unpack my car and shortly after that we head out to the grocery store in the company van.

At the grocery store I get reception, so I have made that my destination for when I need to make contact with the outside world. The grocery store trip was fairly low key, but the car ride back was my first real introduction to what I had gotten myself into.

"I really love listening to the NPR cooking shows" the company manager tells us while we're driving back. Another girl and him start talking about food and all the different things you can make and how tasty they are and all that good stuff. And then I hear him say "I just love anything that comes from or tastes like a tree!"

A tree!?

Sigh. Okay. Hippies.

We get back to the house and there are balloons everywhere--it is my roommates 22nd birthday and everyone has thrown her a party, cool, yes. One girl who I haven't met before comes up to me and says
"Dude do you want a cookie?"
"What's in them?" I ask
"Bananna peels and coffee grinds" they tell me.


I politely say no thank you and excuse myself.

They partied it up all night. My roommate got plastered. I stayed in my room and read my scenic painting book. I had had enough for one night.