Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday 21 June

Today ended up being one of those days where none of us wanted to do anything and everyone just wanted to go home. We kept on messing up everything. The day before I had started the "terrible" troump loei painting and it went well...considering I was painting in the parking lot and had ants roaming across it the entire time--I hope the designer likes unnecessary texture.

The painting itself isn't that bad, but there is a ridiculious about of architectural work that needs to be drawn out and measured. Not to mention that I have been given a copy of the drawings which have fuzzy lineweights and are mislabeled. It's been pretty fun trying to figure out how to fit something on pannels when they are drafted 6" taller then what the designer said to build. Thankfully I just have been able to shift everything down.

I spent like an hour linging out this fireplace because its this detailed Victorian style fireplace with like what seems like 2' of ornate molding on the top. I was really proud of myself until I realized I made the fireplace as a while 6" shorter then it was. Epic Fail.


I ended up fixing it and it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. I have been able to do all the painting so far with the crappy donated latex paint and my painting skills so whip up some pretty sweet stuff. Unfortunately the climate up here in Vermont is wet, damp, and rainy all the time, so it takes a decade for stuff to dry. The TD and I found some, what seem like 24" diameter scoops circa 1960 so I've been able to bake my scenery dry. Not the way I wanted it to get done, but I'm okay with it.

The carps have been making these 3 bookcases which are 9' tall. I'm absoutley terrified at the way they have built them, and they almost squashed the TD and myself twice. Not the way I want to go personally. They've decided to cooperate and not tople over if they have 4 stage weights on each of them, so that's encouraging. On the backs of them goes the 2 huge portraits. I was worried about the luan having tandons on them, but thankfully it didn't come through so we were able to base them out so we could start painting them the next day.

We went home early because everyone was miserable and it was just pouring outside all day and we had a matinee so it was virtually impossible to work anyways. After comtemplating a movie for about 3 hours, the girls ended up suckering in the few straight guys in this house to watch "When Harry Met Sally". I've concluded that the movie makes me sad, so I'm not going to watch it again.

On other news, since it was rainging so hard out, my roommate took a slip down the stairs at the front of the house, and beat the shit out of herself. Shes pretty banged up. One of the cool things here is that there is this old Quary down the road and it has this pretty old sweet marble and all the sidewalks and steps of the houses in this area are made with the marble from back in the day when they were mining it. Pretty sweet.