Friday, June 19, 2009

Weds 17 June

I met with the Scenic Designer for the first time today. He's a cool guy and is going to be designing all of the shows except for the last one, so I will be working closely with him since him and I will be painting everything and doing the props for everything.

Oh, did I mention that there is no Props Master or Scenic Charge and I am doing EVERYTHING under those categories?

Ummm, yah

So I met with the designer, and he showed me his painting elevations. There are THREE 5'-6" x 6' tall paintings that need to be done. Two of them are of oldschool acting photos and the third one is an ear of corn advertisement. Ontop of that, there is a boat, waves, tons of woodgraining on bookcases and tables and signs. Did I also mention there is a 9'x16' oldschool troump loei thats supposted to look terrible of a dining room scene that needs to be done as well?

Not that much to do is two weeks, of course not!

Oh! and then he hands me the props list which is at the time aout 75 props, but it has grown to be at least 85 and it is still growing. I know we don't have all those props here and I'm not quite sure where I am going to get all of them, but I have to do all that too.

This sucks.

Do all that in two weeks, and go!