Monday, July 13, 2009

Long Overdue

So, I'm going to take this slowly, and do a bunch of small updates. I got a new camera, so I am going to try to start to include some pictures here....

This would be a tree. A really old tree that is a resident outside of the house I am staying in. It's old, it's cool. I kinda dig the tree, not gonna lie.

In other news....

On Thursday, I handed in my 2 weeks notice to this place, informing them that I recently found out that my Grandmother isn't doing too well, and that I wanted to be able to be with her and that I need to do medical related things for Juilliard. I didn't get into how miserable I am here, how they lie in their contracts and don't stick to them, and break a ton of laws about labor and days working and working conditions, etc. I just left it at that.

Granted, they probably weren't too happy about it, they seemed to be understanding about it, and no one has treated me and differently thus far. It could be a lot worse I suppose.

This is all just skimming the surface of what has happened between blog postings, but I digress, and move onto another fun post!


Mark Pariani said...

"This would be a tree." You crack me up.