Sunday, June 13, 2010

Santa Fe Opera-Madame Butterfly, Faux Finishes

This was just a simple little left over resin casting that we had laying around in the shop. The designer wanted us to turn a wooden Buddah into a bronze one. I grabbed this little guy to do a little sampling so I could get the greenlight from the designer before I started in on the real thing.

So this is what my little Buddah looked like in the beginning. It was carved wood (not sure what kind of wood, though...) It had a sealer on it, so I had to sand him down and shellac him so the paint wouldn't keep peeling off of him. A lesson that took me about an hour to learn...

I can't remember if I based him in red or white, but I'm going to say because we were concerned with his reflectiveness I based him in white, and then straight up Rosco gold-ed him.

Couple of burnt umber glazes to make him pop a little and give him some dimension.

Some more layers and a really wicked layer of patina on him, aced up with some silver rub-n-buff, and he turned out to be oh so pretty!