Friday, July 17, 2009

Creating the Garden of Eden

Well for starters, I want to appolosize on the quality of these pictures--sorta. I know they aren't color perfect, but I don't have photoshop yet, and with the new laptop and everything, I'm still trying to figure everything out (how to size the images as well) and all that good stuff. But here is the jist of everything to a certain degree!

We finished the walls today! Yayayayay!
Well...the flowers we finished, now it's onto naked people!

Here are the elevations the designer gave me (like I said, color is off in these pictures!)

These are the SR/Centre walls

These are the SL walls.

Like the naked random Indian Erotica that he chose? I'm looking forward to painting that (and by looking forward, I mean I don't know how I feel about it quite yet.)

This is Greg, but I call him Mittens for reasons I will delve into another time. He is one of the carpentry interns and I somehow partially suckered him into helping me stencil.

When I took the picture, I told him to smile and this is what he did
............................hehehe, he's very angsty.
I'm pretty sure he feels like stenciling flowers with girls is damaging to his straight masculinity.
I think he secretly likes it, he just doesn't want to admit it.

This is my partner in crime, Sam, but I call her Samsung. She is the other carpentry intern here.
She's the one that's been helping me do all this stenciling. She has a little more optimistic view about days upon days of stenciling then Mittens does--or at least this is what this picture tells me.

FINISHED WALLS!!!! YAY! They are so pretty! They make me happier then they really should, but they are so purdy!

Detail! Detail! Detail!

Tonight we will be projecting the wonderful entourage of naked Indian erotica and pouncing them onto the walls to prep them to be painted tomorrow. The designer comes back after being away for a week so his arrival makes me a little anxious because I want everything to go well. I've sent him process shots during the week and it's been good feedback, but I still worry.

Anyways, more to come. I'm hoping to do a blog about the whole stenciling process, and to keep photo documenting this whole stenciling/show painting thing some more. Not too much longer now! 6 more days until my contract is O-V-E-R!!


Mark Pariani said...

The flowers look really good!! Keep it up!

Mark Pariani said...

Oh, and mittens looks like hes about 13 years old.