Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who Knew!!!

I can do sculpture!
Here's some portfolio pieces I've been working on for the past month or so at Juilliard:
I have this tendency to terribly over photo document my projects with process shots, so I am bearing everyone from seeing a gazillion pictures, and just showing a few.
So I found this beautiful drawing of a piece of Gothic architecture. It is listed as a 'Wooden Boss'

I scaled it up to 1' x 2', and gridded it out in 3" squares. Then I Sharpied it in, and used it as a pounce that I've probably used about 20 times so far.

The sculpture was 5" thick. I glued 1" sheets of blue insulation foam together. The top piece of foam is missing here. This is my Subtractive Sculpture where I transferred the image to the foamboard, and with a Chinese saw, a box cutter, A LOT of Dremel tool-ing, and about 2 weeks of working on it on and off....

and putting on a layer of Sculpt or Coat and spraying a couple of coats of off-white paint I got this fantastic little piece of happy!

For the other half of my portfolio project, I did the same thing, but using an Additive Sculpture technique. After about 2 weeks of finding objects to add, way too many Styrofoam balls, felt, shoe pieces, leather strips, string, wood, foam-core, matte-board, packing peanuts, paperclay, foam, animal glue tape, bogus paper, and what seems to be about 5 pounds of hot glue, the final result turned out a little more colorful then my Subtractive Sculpture.

I discovered the beauty of Aqua Resin, and put a couple of coats over it to unify the texture, and sprayed a coat of off-white paint on it, and this is what I got:
It's pretty spiffy. I'm happy with the way it turned out.
Now onto my Tromp L'Oeil painting of the same thing. Yay!


Mark Pariani said...

I have to say that both of these turned out amazingly! You are so know that?