Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mmmmmm trompe l'oeil

So the only time I've actually ever done anything trompe l'oeil related, I was a sophomore in high school.
After studying it on and off for 4 years at SCAD, and seeing my fair share of it, I figure it only necessary that I finally visit it properly, and do some for myself.
Not to mention I think it's a vital skill to have as a scenic artist.
And well, I want that skill.
So, here is the latest portfolio project I'm working on...

I've only worked on it for a couple of hours, so it isn't much to show so far. I'm currently working on adding Shade and Shadow. I used the pounce from my sculpture projects, and just mirrored it over. It's only 2' x 2' so it's pretty tiny, and I'm having to work on it with smaller brushes. Not to mention is pretty much impossible to work on it on a stick, so I'm having a lot of bonding time with sitting on the ground.
It's great.
P.S. sorry about the shadow!